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Shining Red Films 

About Us


Shining Red was founded by anthropologist/filmmaker, Graham Townsley in 2008. Since then, the company has made films for many of the world’s major broadcasters.  


Since Graham has a Ph.D from Cambridge in Anthropology, it was natural that the subjects of Shining Red’s first films were in the humanities. They ranged from culture (Magic Mountain, National Geographic 2008) to human evolution (Becoming Human NOVA PBS 2009, Dawn of Humanity National Geographic/PBS 2015, First Face of America NOVA PBS 2018) archeology, (King Solomon’s Mines (NOVA 2010), Maya Apocalypse (Discovery Channel 2012) and exploration (Lost City of the Monkey God National Geographic 2016).  

Shining Red, has gone on to make documentaries in the Arts (Landfillharmonic, Feature Documentary 2015), Biography (E.O Wilson: Of Ants and Men PBS 2016), Deep Time (Whales Walked (PBS 2019) and current affairs (The New Industrial Revolution PBS 2021).

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